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How We Do

Formation of Strategic Alliances

This strategy promotes the benefit of the transfer of technology and involves our company entering into formal relationships with other major building companies, developers and hotel operators from around the world on an “as need” basis in order to successfully Complete major projects.

This is an important step for our company which has already proven beneficial on recent major projects. We see this new strategy as a means to providing our Clients with dedicated and professional service which combines the resources of our vast
experience within Indonesia with the experience and knowledge of internationally recognized construction companies, developers and hotel operators from many other Countries around the world.

Implementation of Cost and Control Systems

Achieving target budgets is absolutely critical. Cost management and cost control throughout a project’s duration are areas in which we dedicate much of our effort.

We clearly acknowledge that every one of our Clients has differing needs, that every each of our project’s info/plan has different unique points.

It is for these reasons that all our in-house management systems incorporate flexibility factors and are capable of accommodating many different Client requirements and many different unique points of project character.

We are dedicated to providing a service which can be tailored to suit a large range of
Client requirements.

Throughout the design phase we have the ability to prepare accurate construction cost budgets using dedicated computer estimating software systems based on the design/construction documentation provided to us. Furthermore, we are experienced in carrying out VALUE ENGINEERING analyses aimed at ensuring value for money will be achieved at all levels of the project.

During the construction phase we continue this cost management and cost control but now aimed at ensuring initial budgets are actually achieved. This is accomplished through the employment of efficient and effective cost management systems which are founded directly on the original budgets. These cost management systems are very flexible and are capable of accommodating any changes our Clients may require at any stage of the building project’s duration. At all times we aim to ensure our Clients are fully aware of the final construction cost
to complete. This is achieved through regular professionally formatted cost reporting systems which can be tailored to suit our Client’s needs. Cost reports include: Budget vs. Actual Reconciliation; Cash Flow ISI Curve; Forecast Cost to Complete; VALUE ENGINEERING; Spread Sheet Cost Analyses such as detailed measurement and quantification; detailed price break-downs.

Implementation of Quality Control Management Systems

It is our policy to strive to establish and maintain an effective and efficient quality control system, planned, developed and coordinated with all other management functions, such as cost and time objectives, which ensures the achievement of the final product quality as desired by our Clients. is actually achieved. These quality control management systems are also designed to be flexible and can be easily adapted and updated to suit the particular requirements of our Clients. Regular site quality control meetings are conducted and  espective quality control assessments generated and issued to our Clients. Quality control reporting systems include: construction activity quality control reports; quality inspection reports; rectification reports; samples; mock-up’s.