Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 52 XX Sanur, Denpasar 80228 Bali

What We Do

I Made Budi Atmika, ST

President Director

We together with the team will always optimize our services to understanding & appreciating our client’s needs by adopting latest management and engineering technology and applying the principles of GCG / Good Corporate Governance

Complete Client Satisfaction

Our Client is the final vital link in our dedicated and professional approach to construction. Our performance in every project aims to build a strong relationship which will last and give our Clients the confidence to seek our company’s advice, support and construction abilities on future projects.

Understanding & Appreciating Our Clients Needs

We do not lose sight of the needs of the end user of every building project. Paramount in this fact is the understanding and appreciation of our Client’s needs and the product that they are trying to create. We aim to ensure these objectives are achieved.

Achievement of Time Related Project Objectives

Achieving our Clients completion date deadlines for projects is often a significant challenge in today’s construction industry environment.

We prepare at the beginning of each project a realistic construction program which is agreed with our Clients. Throughout the project’s duration this construction program is updated on a regular basis to take into account all the respective peculiarities of the project. These updated construction program enable our Clients to be aware at all times of the final forecast completion date as well as identifying key dates for the supply of design/construction information, Client decisions, material selections, critical delivery order dates and the like.

Should delays to a project occur or even appear likely we are able to ALERT our Clients as to their cause and together with our Clients develop a STRATEGY for avoiding or minimizing their IMPACT on the project.